The Packer : TAG 7 Winner

The Arbitrary Game Jam, started by TickTakashi encourages rapid prototyping and brainstorming. The idea is to build games within 3 day time based on the randomly generated themes. TAG has been a great opportunity for me as I got to build my first game (almost completely that is).

TAG 7 themes were NitrogenizeDerogative and Squash with a special rule of “Your Game Must Relate To or Be Inspired By A Personal Moment In Your Life“. My submission was the game “The Packer”. (Its a jar, you need Java to execute it. In case .jar is opened by an archive application use ‘java -jar packer.jar’ in command line to execute it.)

The following are a few screenshots.


Packer Screenshot Packer Screenshot



The Theme:

Please play the game before to see if the game communicates the message on its own.

After finishing my schooling in my hometown, I moved to larger city and college. This was a significant point in my life, when I realized just how big the world was and how different the people were. Growing up in my hometown I never paid much attention to others’ motivations and actions. But here I realized that there is so much to be learned in life from others. So I wanted to make a game which shows the idea of learning from others not as a necessity but as a way of life. So now that I have spilled my idea around the game, please let me know if you were able to get the same from the game. What parts do you think should have been done different to effectively communicate the same.


Also since The Packer won TAG 7, we get to host TAG 8. So please join us for TAG 8.

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