AAP: The Sweeper

It took much longer than I expected but I am really happy to announce my first game, AAP The Sweeper.  Here is the link




AAP stands for Aam Admi Party, a new political party fighting in the coming National Elections in India. ‘Aam Admi’ is the Hindi term for ‘Comman Man’. I made this game in my support for them.

The gameplay is actually a pretty simple ‘Jack in a box’ kind of thing, I wanted to use the symbol of AAP ‘A broom’ extensively and hence chose such a gameplay mechanic. Your objective is to selectively sweep (swipe) corrupt politicians and thieves to courts and jail, all the while making sure that you don’t harm the common man. Few things implemented to make the game better are

  • Visual indications by numbers and colors to indicate whether a swipe was successful or not
  • Dynamic menu screen as my art skills are well bad.
  • Coins which need to be collected by tapping on them, they provide a much needed moment of relaxation during the min of gameplay.
  • Bouncy effect on walls, tail for moving characters.
  • Hype factor which forces one to not be arrogant.
  • A game news paper report, which shows headlines and article relevant to the current gameplay session you had.
  • Objectives, shown at the start and pause of each gameplay session. They are provide a way to communicate that there are different styles of playing.
  • A visually indicating level select screen which shows how far your scores have reached.
  • 5 levels, each with its own unique twist on the levels.

Few things which I had considered but that didn’t make the cut are

  • A fruit ninja style light indicating swipe
  • A burning broom effect when you are at max hype
  • Moving blocks of jail and court, while simple to implement didn’t feel necessary
  • Mini game modes like rolling brooms, akanoid with broom etc

Attached are a few screenshots


achievements chennai1 chennai2 delhi1 delhi2 indialevel menu news-ad news-ad2 pause score-ad select tutorial upgrades


Please do check it out and let me know what you think

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