TAG : 8 Announcing the Winner

We saw a successful jam. While the number might not have been that great they sure made it up with the quality. Let me just run them down, I am just pointing out a few positives and any gripes.  All the gripes are rather minor but I felt its my responsibility to share them before declaring a winner. Hope everyone looks at them as positive feedback. The games title link to the games.


A really good looking game with a simple gameplay mechanic. You move the mouse and avoid filled shapes, clicking on unfilled shapes increases your score.

+the generation and movement of solid and unfilled shapes is spot on. Never did it feel stagnant.

+Art and music are very well chosen and go particularly well with the special rule

+Mouse wrapping makes the game better as it alones to escape etc, but since only the mouse wraps and not the shapes it definitely needs some time getting used to.

+/- Its hard to theme such an abstract game and to certain extent the theme of ‘detectable’ is detectable in the game

– The game end condition is when the score reaches below zero, which means no matter how good or bad you play the end is going to not reflect that. (May be 3 hits within 3 sec or something could have been a better end condition).

-minor technical glitches including drops in fps, game not responding occasionally.

Screenshot (2) Screenshot (7) Screenshot (8)

P.S If you haven’t taken the epilepsy warnings seriously, you might have to reconsider.

Murder Herder:

You are to herd your cows along field of grass and plants, all the while avoiding mines.

+Good concept, made me remember a similar sequence in Red Dead Redemption

+ The art is good and conveys the objects properly

+/- Some mines are placed in between the grass and the art makes it invisible. Not sure if this was intentional.

– the placement of grass and plants wasn’t that good. On a few occasions there were none actually

Screenshot (18)



You help your cows sun bathe, avoiding asteroids. Why? coz why not? Its not a full game in the sense there is no scoring and game end loop.  Congrats on learning a new framework and putting it together.

 Cow Slaying Simulator 2000:

A nice little pixel art cow killing game.

+ Easy to pickup and play. Levels.

– Level change is sudden (you suddenly have a herd of cows generated in a instance). The area of effect of the axe is slightly odd.

Screenshot (19)


Zen and Art of Cattle Mutilation:

Good idea with a kickass name. You are an alien in search of methane gas and are trying to consume cows.

+Good levels with a great deal of variation. Loved the red level.

+The random levels were also very well generated, save for one case where I couldn’t pull any of the cows due to the high gravity.

+engaging gameplay with the risk involved in getting close to a planet to pull cows.

+/- Controls need some getting used. But after that it controls well

Screenshot (26) Screenshot (27)


Cow Escape:

Protect your cows against the vultures.

+Great art and sound. Creates a really smoothingly effect.

+/- simple gameplay.

Screenshot (29) Screenshot (30)

 Robin Cow:

You are a robinhood cow and are collecting avocados from evil humans. A fun theme but I could get past the first level itself. There are only 2 avocados while the onscreen prompt says there are 5.  (Someone help me out if I am mistaken.)

+unique take, nice grapple effect, level editor

Screenshot (31)

Cow Surgeon:

You are well a cow surgeon and have to find the problem and fix it. Nice take on the theme.

+thats a good looking cow :P. Unique concept.

+ You fix broken bones with a fire.

-UI needs doesn’t convey which tool is being used correctly.

Screenshot (33)


This has to be one of the toughest decision I had to make. The choice comes down to

Crith and Zen and Art of Cattle Mutilation.

Crith is a really cool game with a unique and simple game play design. It shows the beauty of a procedural level very well.

Zen and Art, almost pulls off random level generation to perfection and has engaging gameplay too.

Since I have to make a choice, the winner is

Zen and Art of Cattle Mutilation by Daniel Bauman.

The lack of a clear theme in Crith just tips the decision to the other side.

All the other games are all very well made and worth checking out.

Inspection Line:

One of the entries got  missed in the comments. Please do check it out.

You control a threadmill of cows and your job is to identify which of them are sick.

Screenshot (36)


I think the special rule ended up being a bad choice given the timeframe. The themes chosen were also rather in your face or very vague, but its Arbitrary Game Jam so I guess thats expected. Looking forward for the next TAG. The winner will be conducting the next TAG, in case you don’t have a site or don’t wish to conduct please inform me or ticktakashi. In which case the runner ups gets to conduct it. Any suggestions of making the next TAG better? Also congrats to all the participants hope you had fun.



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